• 2021/12/13

    IEEE Award for Moeness Amin from Villanova University

    amin moeness 2021

    Moeness Amin from Villanova University receives one of the IEEE’s most prestigious honors: “For contributions to radar signal processing across a wide range of applications including through-the-wall imaging and health monitoring”, Dr. Amin is awarded the 2022 IEEE Dennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technologies and Applications. Dr. Amin is a long-term collaborator of the Signal Processing Group at TU Darmstadt.

  • 2021/10/26

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Puder elevated to ITG Fellow

    Since 2017, the Information Technology Society in the VDE (ITG) awards the ITG Fellowship to members of the signal processing community to honor outstanding accomplishments in Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology and extraordinary commitment to voluntary service within the community.

  • 2021/09/17

    PhD defense by Afief Dias Pambudi

    From top left: Prof. Adamy, Prof. Zoubir, Prof. Ahmad, Prof. Frosch, Prof. Köppl, Afief Dias Pambudi

    On 15 September 2021, Afief Dias Pambudi successfully defended his doctoral thesis.

  • 2021/08/17

    PhD defense by Dominik Reinhard

    From top left: Prof. Hoog Antink, Prof. Steinke, Prof. Zoubir, Prof. Köppl, Prof. Veeravalli, Dominik Reinhard

    On 12 August 2021, Dominik Reinhard successfully defended his doctoral thesis.

  • 2021/06/01

    PhD defense by Sergey Sukhanov

    From top left: Prof. Zoubir , Sergey Sukhanov, Dr. Muma, Prof. Hoog Antink , Prof. Binder, Prof. Adamy

    On 31 May 2021, Sergey Sukhanov successfully defended his doctoral thesis.

  • 2021/04/06

    Christian Schroth wins Ernst-Blickle-Studienpreis 2020

    Christian Schroth

    Christian Schroth, since April 2020 Research Associate with the Signal Processing Group, wins the Ernst-Blickle-Studienpreis 2020 for his Master’s Thesis on Robust Bayesian Cluster Analysis, which was supervised by Michael Muma. In his work, he dealt with robust cluster analysis and developed highly innovative algorithms of statistical learning to identify clusters within a given data set. To this end, the data are modelled as multivariate random variables, which form point clouds in a vector space, the so-called feature space. Those point clouds are to be explained by a suitable underlying statistical model. Both, the number of clusters, as well as the cluster memberships of the individual data points are unknown. A variety of established approaches to this problem exist, but they often lose their statistical guarantees or break down entirely in the presence of outliers or non-symmetrical spread around the cluster centers.

  • 2021/03/12

    For his Contributions to Robust Signal Processing and Statistical Learning

    Michael Muma

    Michael Muma receives the EURASIP Early Career Award

    The „European Association For Signal Processing“ (EURASIP) Early Career Award EURASIP Early Career Award is awarded to outstanding researchers and engineers at an early or mid-stage of their career who are younger than 40 years, and whose current work shows not only significant scientific achievements but also high potential to advance scientific knowledge through novel, timely and significant endeavors. This year’s award goes to Dr.-Ing. Michael Muma of the Signal Processing Group.

  • 2021/01/21

    Understanding the Signals of our Hearts


    Wearable sensors, such as the ones used in smartwatches or fitness trackers, record a variety of signals. Mathematical tools help in exacting information about our state of health from these recordings.