SPG visits CERN


At the end of September, the PhD students of SPG and RDS visited Julian Weick at his workplace in Switzerland. Julian Weick's PhD is supervised by Prof. Zoubir.

The visitors in front of the synchrocyclotron.

In addition to a large number of lectures and technical discussions, the focus was on touring the CERN research facility: A first highlight was the look into history with the inspection of the 600 MeV synchrocyclotron, CERN's first particle accelerator, built in 1957 and operated until 1990. Then, the focus turned to the Anti-Matter Factory, as well as the use and fabrication of chips in the many experiments conducted at CERN.

During the visit, CERN announced two noticeable pieces of news. It was experimentally proven that even anti-matter has to obey the laws of gravity. Furthermore, it was announced that the mass of research data stored at CERN has exceeded the exabyte threshold (10^18 bytes) for the first time.

Such extreme amounts of data underline the urgent need for new and further development of highly efficient robust methods for signal and data analysis, which are also being researched at the Signal Processing Group.

The field trip also concluded with an opportunity to explore the local cuisine and environment. Besides climbing one of the summits of a French low mountain range near Samance with a view of Mont Blanc, there was no need to miss out on enjoying a Swiss cheese fondue right on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Once again, many thanks to Julian for making the excursion possible and for the perfect organization, to his colleagues on site, and to his wife for the warm hospitality!