Afief Dias Pambudi wins Three-Minute Thesis Competition at the 2020 IEEE RadarConference


Cutout from the Three-Minutes Thesis Video of Afief D.Pamudi

Three-Minute Thesis competitions (short: 3MTs) are a popular opportunity for PhD students to introduce a larger audience to their PhD research in just three minutes and have been held multiple times at a variety of conferences, as for example the European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO). This year, a 3MT competition was held the very first time at an IEEE RadarConference. Since the conference was organized fully virtually, the participants had to submit a three-minute video explaining their doctoral topic. A jury selected the five best submissions as the finalists. Their videos were then shared with all conference delegates, who then voted for their favourite.

Afief Dias Pambudi has been researching the robust detection of landmines using ground-penetrating radar since October 2017. By utilizing techniques from robust signal processing, the performance of detection procedures based on ground-penetrating radar images can be increased. The doctoral work of Afief Dias Pambudi is supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Abdelhak Zoubir and Prof. Dr. Fauzia Ahmad from Temple University, PA, USA.

Congratulations, Afief!