Digital Signal Processing Lab

This practical enables students to apply skills learned in Digital Signal Processing. These include the design of digital FIR and IIR filters as well as non-parametric and parametric spectrum estimation. MATLAB is used to apply theoretical concepts and to demonstrate signal processing techniques by means of hands-on application examples. Students will make their own measurements. The course can be attended in parallel with or after the lecture Digital Signal Processing.


  • The course is maintained via moodle.
  • Please register via TUCaN prior to the first meeting. This will give you access to the moodle course.
  • Attending the first meeting is mandatory.

Course Overview

Practical Time Tuesdays, 1.30-4.05 p.m.
Office Hours : Thursdays, 2-5 p.m.
Prerequisites Fundamentals of Signal Processing,
Digital Signal Processing (can be attended in parallel)
Language English
Format Practical course (P3), 6 credit points
Assessment Lab reports and a written exam