Ann-Kathrin Seifert wins Best Student Paper Award

at the IEEE Radar Conference in Boston


Prof. Amin, Ann-Kathrin Seifert, Prof. Zoubir.

At this year's IEEE Radar Conference in Boston, MA, USA, Ann-Kathrin Seifert was awarded the Best Student Paper Award. In the student paper competition, her paper on “Detection of Gait Asymmetry Using Indoor Doppler Radar” was selected among the top five out of 125 student papers. At the conference, she presented the paper to a committee, who awarded her the first prize.

The work of Ann-Kathrin is in close cooperation with Prof. Amin, Director of the Center of Advanced Communications at Villanova University, PA, USA. The awarded paper deals with the automatic detection of gait asymmetry based on radar signals. The results were obtained based on experimental radar data, including data of four individuals with diagnosed gait disorders.

Congratulations, Ann-Kathrin!