Available Student Projects

General Information

Within the pro/project seminar students will learn how to tackle a research project. They will work together with research associates and develop a detailed knowledge of a topic of current research. Here, initial scientific computation simulations (carried out, for instance, in python or MATLAB) are supposed to accompany the project work. Furthermore, students will learn how to effectively read and use technical literature, how to report the research finding in writing and in a seminar. The Pro-/Projektseminar serves as a preparation for a Bachelor/Master thesis in the signal processing group.

In a Bachelor's/Master's thesis, students will get insight into a topic of current research. They will learn how to apply signal processing theory to solve real-life problems, and how to use scientific computing with python or MATLAB for implementing algorithms and carrying out simulations. Real data may be available as well, depending on the chosen topic. Students are encouraged to realise their own ideas within the project. Generally, the projects can be adapted to the student's interest.

For specific thesis topics contact Dominik Reinhard .