Within the Pro-/Projectseminar, students will learn how to tackle a research project. They will work together with research associates and develop a detailed knowledge of a topic of current research. Here, initial MATLAB simulations are supposed to accompany the project work. Furthermore, students will learn how to effectively read and use technical literature, how to report the research finding in writing and in a seminar. The Pro-/Projektseminar serves as a preparation for a Bachelor/Master thesis in the signal processing group.


  • For Proseminar find a supervisor among the SPG research associates. A list of all the research associates can be found here .
  • The topic is found after after consultation with the supervisor.
  • Please register for the Proseminar via TUCaN
  • There is no fixed starting date for the Proseminar. You can start after consultation with the supervisor

Course Overview

Starting date After consultation with the supervisor
Regular cycle summer semester
winter semester
Format Proseminar
Registration Tucan 18-zo-1000-ps
Language English
Credit points 2
Assessment Written report