Ali Ajili

Ali Ajili, M.Sc.

Ali Ajili

Merckstr. 25
64283 Darmstadt

Office: S3|06 257

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Ali got his license in information and communication in 2011 (Bachelor), specialist Electronics and Telecommunications. He got it with a very well mention, titled “RF-DC converter” in University of Sciences in Tunis. Afterwards, from 2012/2014, he studied two years of Masters in Electronics and integrated circuit (high frequency) at the University of Sciences in Tunis. He had his master with a very well mention, titled “Radar target tracking in a noisy environment”. In 2014/2015, he started his PhD in Electronics and Telecommunications in Signal Processing Lab in University of Sciences in Tunis.


Ali is interested in denoising, detection and identification of radar target in noisy environment. He has other skills like I'm formatter in Robotics and Astronomy in A.J.S.T (Association young science of Tunis) and win many international competition like July 2015 participation on the occasion of an “International Science Fair” in the Brussels capital of Belgium with a technology project “blinded to new technology”, which is used to detect remote obstacles and prevent and it is function using some sensors on the vertical and horizontal based on the programming. Ali was s participant at ESI 2011 (International Science Fair 2011) Slovakia from July 18 to 23. Involvement with a project “Comeback” in a category Electrical and Mechanical Technology. This project is to receive information (temperature, pressure, humidity and acceleration) in computer with a 1 km round transmitter FM (minimum 1 km it can 30 km with other transmitter). This will ensure two-way transmission of digital signals series (RS-232 – logic level 0 / 3, 3 V) seamlessly.

Ali is staying with the Signal Processing Group from until March 31, 2018.